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Freddy meets Nutmeg
The squirrel who was allergic to nuts

Freddy meets Nutmeg in the garden, a young squirrel who is severely allergic to nuts. As Nutmeg is meeting friends in the garden, she eats some nuts by mistake and becomes poorly. Join Freddy and Nutmeg as they learn how to deal with a severe nut allergy.


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Freddy meets Isobel
The mouse who was allergic to milk

Freddy and Isobel are off to the beach. As they play with an exciting new friend,
Isobel has some milk by mistake and becomes ill. Join Freddy and his new exciting friend as they learn how to help Isobel deal with a severe milk allergy.


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Freddy meets Ginger
The fox who was allergic to eggs

Freddy meets Ginger, a fox who is severely allergic to eggs. As Freddy and Ginger have some autumn fun, Ginger eats some egg by mistake and soon becomes unwell. Join Freddy and his friends as they learn what to do when confronted with a severe egg allergy.



























Fish allergy

Freddy meets Bones
The pirate who was allergic to fish

Freddy meets Bones, a pirate who is severely allergic to fish. Bones thinks he can't be a pirate because of his food allergy. Freddy shows him what fun you can have, when you are properly prepared.


Freddy goes Flying book

Freddy goes flying
The important lesson about flying with a nut allergy

Freddy and Nutmeg go to see some planes. When Nutmeg goes exploring, the plane takes off with her on board. But Nutmeg is allergic to nuts...and needs to be prepared. Freddy to the rescue!


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Freddy meets Nutmeg, Isobel, Ginger, Bones, and Freddy goes flying


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