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Nut allergy

Freddy meets Nutmeg: The squirrel who was allergic to nuts
Freddy and Nutmeg go to the Fairy Market, where all sorts of interesting stalls are
selling lots of tempting treats...

Egg allergy

Freddy meets Ginger: The fox who was allergic to eggs
Mrs. Fox tells Freddy that Ginger is allergic to eggs and that eating them - or even touching them - would make him very poorly...

Milk dairy allergy

Freddy meets Isobel: The mouse who was allergic to milk
Isobel has an accident with milk when she eats an ice cream without checking first with Mrs. Mouse...

Severe fish allergy

Freddy meets Bones: The pirate who was allergic to fish

Freddy and Bones have great fun after finding out together how to keep safe with a serious allergy...

flying with a serious nut allergy

Freddy goes flying: The important lessons of flying with a severe nut allergy
Freddy and Nutmeg learn an invaluable lesson when Nutmeg takes an impromptu flight by mistake...

Serious allergy education for children

Freddy the Mouse - the children's severe allergy education series
These five books currently complete the Freddy the Mouse series and offer parents, carers and teachers valuable assistance when approaching some of the most important conversations in a severely allergic child's life. Available as a set for a special price.



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